My New Blogging Site :)

So this is my new blogging site.  I have built it from scratch using Drupal, a few existing modules, and a little of my own code.  While there is a temptation to utilize an OOTB solution such as Wordpress or a Drupal distributions (Drupal Commons, Open Atrium, or one of the others) it does not allow you to customize everything on the site.  There are aspects of this site that could not be done as I would like if I did not use the methodologies that I did to create the site.  This is my first of hopefully a lot of blog posts on a varying array of topics (which will be tagged and categorized by topic).

So just to give a tour of what is under the hood of this site (not a full list but some of the more notable modals and stuff)...

  • Drupal Aquia
  • ckEditor
  • Taxonomy
  • Taxonomy Menu
  • Views
  • Administration Menu (because the default one is awful)
  • ColorBox with ColorBox node
  • Oh and it is running in Microsoft Azure with a MS SQL backend :)

So I have not turned on commenting on yet... I may in the future but until then read away, and I will update as I go.