product review

The IKEA Dignitet

So my wife purchased something to hang some of the kids artwork on the walls and while the product looks innocuous enough it is really a nightmare.  The product I am writing about is the IKEA Dignitet Curtain Wire (  I am sure that many people have seen this product on Pinterest but this is not a product I would recommend (at least if you have drywall walls).  I installed it as directed by the very short instruction manual but there was no mention about the proper wire tension or anything about proper anchors for the walls.  I chose to use wall anchors that are rated for fifty pounds each which according to that logic each pedestal should be rated to 150 lbs assuming the drywall would hold that much weight.  So upon installing the brackets which went fine, I began to tension the wire (not too tight from what I could tell) but my wall anchors began pulling from the drywall.  Due to the narrow base and simple points on how this mounts it appears that it becomes very easy to create a torsional force on the screws that were holding it on the wall thus increasing the amount of weight that was being applied to the screws.  So at this point I have six holes in my wall that technically are not strong enough to properly tension the wire.  I used ended up adding some tape around the screws to add additional size for the anchors and by not tensioning the wire very tight it appears to be holding.  

In summation, I would not recommend this product if you are going to mount it on drywall, it should be fine on a wood wall but other than that, this is not a good product.