open source

Be Open

We all have our ways of doing this, is our way the best?  When someone tells us that we could do something better another way, don’t be close minded.  Is the other person’s way the best, maybe not, but be open to their idea because it could be better.

Something that has taken the computer world by storm has been open source software.  This is beyond just the comradery of contributing to something bigger than oneself but it is also the free exchange of ideas and being able to build on the collective good of all people.  This openness has advanced may projects at a rapid pace.

I am not going to say that close source software is better or worse than open source, I am just pointing out that open source software gives the ability of the many to contribute and advance the cause.  So in a sense the open source software movement is fueled by people that are open to criticism and that is what we all need to be in general.